The 12th board results for this year have recently been declared and according to a report of The Hindustan Times, 83.4% students have passed which is quite a good proportion. Now is the time to prepare for the big battle as the rat race to get admissions into reputed colleges has begun. But do you really know in which field would you actually like to make a career? The most common fallacy among folks is that they judge students solely based on the marks they secure. Well, it is not necessary that a child who secures more than 90% in science will excel in medical or engineering field as well.

Children! Spend Some Time to Figure Out Your Area of Interest

The main reason for unhappy minds and drops in grades in colleges nowadays is choosing the courses and career based on the what the majority of fellow schoolmates would be doing and not choosing the path based on own interests and talent. This may sometime render a student a misfit in college and at workplace at later stage in life. Hence, to choose the right career after 12th is one of the most basic and important decisions to take. To achieve this, it is mandatory to know the interest of the student in any particular field. Parents and teachers should not impose their decision on them as anything which is done half-heartedly would never lead to the desired results but only to frustration.


Clarity of Thought is Necessary

Nowadays, students themselves are concerned that after 12th what is it that will lead them to the path of success and this is the reason a lot of them choose their career of interest keeping their marks aside. There are those students who are so much aware and clear in their thoughts about building their career right from a young age that they have already made up a plan about career after 10th.


Career Counsellors Can Help You the Best

Parents and students who are still indecisive can always opt for career guidance after 12th as there are a number of career counselling options available in every city. Career Counsellors provide apt advice based on the discussion with the student about his/ her area of interest. Moreover, they motivate the students very well to face this struggling time with full confidence.


There are a number of career opportunities after 12th. You need to choose wisely and make it the best for you. Time to fly Buddy, give your dreams the real wings.