Boards nearing an end is such a relief for parents and students alike! Needless to say, the race actually starts now. For stream selection, for college admission, for subject combinations and so on.

Underlying all these pursuits, is a huge confusion, “What should be an ideal career for my child/for me?”

Career guidance is then sought from all around and the inputs from veterans are quite useful. The only disadvantage in this information is that it is generic. And then it becomes difficult to map this generic information with the child. Confusion sets in. Then there is another issue. Academic scores. These scores play a huge role in selection of career after 10th for a child, as we have the cut off system for college admissions. So the confusion sets in even more.

Questions like, mathematics scores are average, but the child is quite adept at learning, absorbing engineering basics. The child even does coding quite well. How to get the child in to computer engineering?

The other factor, apart from academics, is the general gloom in the Engineering industry. Especially, civil, mechanical and the IT. In the face of such a situation, what should be the choice?

Numerous such ambiguities exist while choosing a career, the corresponding course for the child.

The only way to solve this confusion is to seek professional career counselling services. Professional career counseling involves psychometric tests, popularly called Aptitude tests and career guidance by professionals with good experience in the career arenas.

Seek for best counseling centres and do google near me.

Happy careering.