What after 10th

Career Guidance After 10th

Confusions on what stream to pursue after the boards of 10th is pretty common. The primary reasons being a mixture of advice from elders and teachers, media bytes about successes and failures of a particular profession, experiences of known circle of friends and family of specific professions and so on.
The category of confusions of what after 10th can be clearly divided into two parts:

a. Consistent & high academic performers
The confusion here is the student is good in all subjects, so what to choose. Science is what is the first choice of career advisors, career counsellors, teachers, friends and family. Yet, the mix bag of information floating around science careers play a bit of spoilsport on the plans to choose science and pursue professional courses. Add to that the high expenditure involved. So the insecurity of careers after completing the course and the high cost of pursuing the course are the two prime reasons of the confusions.

There are number of ways one can address this situation. Aptitude test bring out the best and natural abilities of a student. And if one bases the choice on scientific data, experienced careerist who can do online career counselling or offline too, your choice becomes an informed one.

b. Inconsistent academic performers
In this case there is no confusion. The issue is of clearly, What after 10th. Unfortunately, students ability to be steered into a career is majorly gauged by their academic performance. Which is not fair on them. Several factors affect the scoring pattern of students. Especially in Math and science subjects. Ignoring the student’s talent or passion in other fields is a grave mistake. Because there are several attractive and economical options for students whose talent lies elsewhere.
Once again, a combination of aptitude test and a career guidance session with a counselor who is herself/himself a careerist can give the student the practical path to a successful career

There is a career for all, is what kindlecareer.com says.