Board Results Alone Do Not Decide Careers!

The atmosphere around us these days, in India, is hybrid one. Simply because board results are announced,  entrance scores are out. And for the majority(because of the sheer volume of aspirants and the success ratio being miniscule), it is disappointment. Which is surprising, because, the statistics of success in the entrances are well known. And what is interesting is earlier the preparation, meaning, preparation right from standard eight, the higher is the frustration. The myth is preparing early on, will guarantee success in the entrance! In fact, students begin to understand the various disciplines of science and mathematics, from standard […]

Worried About What After 12th?

The 12th board results for this year have recently been declared and according to a report of The Hindustan Times, 83.4% students have passed which is quite a good proportion. Now is the time to prepare for the big battle as the rat race to get admissions into reputed colleges has begun. But do you really know in which field would you actually like to make a career? The most common fallacy among folks is that they judge students solely based on the marks they secure. Well, it is not necessary that a child who secures more than 90% in […]

Tie Up with CSSC, A West Bengal Initiative to Train & Prepare Students for Civil Services Exams

One of the most rigorous and competitive exams in India are the Civil Services exams. In order to encourage and give the right training for the deserving, West Bengal government has set up a Civil Services Study Centre, where the candidates are given training by serving officers and eminent faculties. Kindlecareer Pvt Ltd is the aptitude test partner for the Civil Services exams aspirants to measure their strength and weak areas. This helps in creating a focused study pattern for individual candidates. Career assessment is one of the most important aspects of making a career choice today. Factors like limited […]

Top Courses After 12th

Once 12th standard is completed, confusion and pressure occupy a throne in the heads of every student, and one common question rules: “What after 12th?” Half of the battle is won when the stream is chosen after 10th, but the more important battle is fought at this stage, and career confusion is a common phenomenon. It is important to take some time, think through the options and then take an informed decision instead of hurrying into something which you might regret later. Below is a list categorised according to the streams of options that one may consider after 12th.   […]

Career Confusion after 10th and 12th

It indeed is extremely pressurizing to take a decision for your entire life at a very young age, and choose a stream for yourself for a lifetime. Career planning appears intimidating because a wrong decision can make you regret forever. Thoughts like “Must I continue with Science?” “Finally, I can get rid of Maths,” “How would commerce be?” keep the heads of youngsters clouded, and this doesn’t help in taking the right decision. Career counselling can prove to be an extremely efficient way of arriving at the right decision. A counsellor may help you figure out your stream by taxonomically […]

What after 10th

Boards nearing an end is such a relief for parents and students alike! Needless to say, the race actually starts now. For stream selection, for college admission, for subject combinations and so on. Underlying all these pursuits, is a huge confusion, “What should be an ideal career for my child/for me?” Career guidance is then sought from all around and the inputs from veterans are quite useful. The only disadvantage in this information is that it is generic. And then it becomes difficult to map this generic information with the child. Confusion sets in. Then there is another issue. Academic […]

Are 10th board results life changing

Well, the hype and hoopla surrounding the results are certainly creating a situation where parents and students do feel that life could take a new turn once these results are out. The grading of students, their future begins from these results. Good percentage, go to science. Somewhat midway, go to commerce and somebody who has disappointed all the way, their future is tied with arts. Unfair, completely. The good and bad percentage concept and the subsequent slotting has successfully killed many a career ambition at the budding stage itself. A career advisor can answer all your questions about what after […] says, Board result is an important milestone, but is not your ONLY CAREER OPTION!

With board results just round the corner, the anxiety levels of students and parents are at their peak. Impromptu vacations, outings and so on are the order of the day. A good thing, but the underlying motive behind these rendezvous is not relaxation, but escape from the anxiety. Not without basis, because our education system firmly goes with the academic performance of students, which decide their admission into courses of their liking and preference. Even though, the selection percentile is so very small, the anxiety quantum is just incomparable and huge. The reason is the choice of career by students […]


Career ambitions are kindled at a very early age. As early as 10 years. Fascination with what the children see, observe, experience, hear, in short what ever appeals their senses, KINDLE , career ambitions. This is the precise moment, period when they should be subjected to gentle, pressure free, knowledgeable career guidance. The right guidance by the right career adviser is crucial, as this forms the very basis of their ambition. Career counseling, but at a pace that the career toddlers can absorb, inculcate in their tender minds, also plays a role in shaping their intentions. We therefore, call this […]

“Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value.” – Albert Einstein

Career dissatisfaction in the start of a career or in the midst of a career is a very common occurrence. The reasons can be many. Wrong choice of role, sector, personality issues, lack of domain knowledge and so on. The solution to this sought earnestly by the young and the mature, as this becomes a serious issue. The prime reason is, one spends his/her most waking hours with the career. Therefore, a right, satisfying and rewarding career is what everybody looks forward to. We resolve it for you.