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Online course in Robotics & Programing

A blended curriculum that brings in globally relevant pedagogy to your fingertips using digital technologies, combined with renowned educational robotic kits for hands-on learning. Go ahead, give your child that best of what is to come

The curriculum will include: Intro to Robots & Robotics Components of Robots Circuits & Switches Flowcharts & Algorithms Assembly of a robotic kit Programming with Scratch Intro to Drones, 3D Printing, Mars Rovers, AI & much more.

Age limit: 8 years and above

Duration of workshop: 25 sessions of 40 minutes each

Price : Rs. 4,000/-

Practical: In Pune only, included in the cost

1st to 10th syllabus, Gamified content

Every student is unique with different skills and needs. Our curriculum is designed to cater the students of all abilities, enabling them to learn from core to advance concepts of the topic. Crisp and comprehensive curricula are designed by the panel of experts with years of experience and training in classroom teaching.

Engaging Platform – Education games designed as quest full of mysteries, coins, challenges & rewards

Personalization – Engineered to identify weakness of a student & ensure concept clarity through personal review

21st Century Mode – Chapters blended with games for tech-savvy generation, so as to make learning more fun

Adaptive learning – Adaptive program that allows student to master one concept at a time to achieve their full potential

Price (Standards – 1st to 10th)

Rs.18,000/- (1st to 5th standard)

Rs.20,000/- (6th to 10th standard)