One of the most rigorous and competitive exams in India are the Civil Services exams. In order to encourage and give the right training for the deserving, West Bengal government has set up a Civil Services Study Centre, where the candidates are given training by serving officers and eminent faculties.

Kindlecareer Pvt Ltd is the aptitude test partner for the Civil Services exams aspirants to measure their strength and weak areas. This helps in creating a focused study pattern for individual candidates.

Career assessment is one of the most important aspects of making a career choice today.

Factors like limited engineering seats in the premier institutions like IIT, limited government quota seats for medical, low success rates for courses like CA, huge number of applicants and therefore humungous competition, make students seek career counselling for eventualities like not getting admission for desired courses or desired colleges.

The disappointment of not getting into desired college or not getting admitted to desired courses, thus sets in and results in a reluctant pursuit of available courses from available colleges.  This further implies a lackluster performance in academics and the same goes on with their careers also.

The prime reason for such a compromised career path is lack of knowledge of other professional and nonprofessional careers. Secondly, the choice of careers is always done on the basis of marks and the college.

One has to remember, that in order to succeed in one’s career, liking for the course of that career, passion to pursue the career are important and vital.

Aptitude test or psychometric test precisely brings out the natural talent hidden in the student. Careers based on such talents and interests are bound to succeed rather than the academic performances alone.

Career counseling through professional & psychometric test should be done before choosing a course and a career. This would save effort, hope, time and money for the student and the parent.