With board results just round the corner, the anxiety levels of students and parents are at their peak. Impromptu vacations, outings and so on are the order of the day. A good thing, but the underlying motive behind these rendezvous is not relaxation, but escape from the anxiety.
Not without basis, because our education system firmly goes with the academic performance of students, which decide their admission into courses of their liking and preference. Even though, the selection percentile is so very small, the anxiety quantum is just incomparable and huge.
The reason is the choice of career by students is limited to top 5 careers and their top colleges. The awareness in the last few years of this anomaly, of huge demand and low supply of seats across the country, has resulted in parents and students alike, seeking career guidance, career counseling with leading brands. The latest in this melee is the online career guidance. A very convenient method to get out of career confusions as it involves online assessment and counseling over virtual mediums. These sessions definitely give students a peek into the variety of career choices, thus not limiting their aspirations to the top 5. A major respite, as the aspirations do not sink with the board results.
What is missing in this entire cycle is career mentors. A onetime engagement to decide your career spanning 30 to 40 years just doesn’t work. It leaves students and parents alike with multiple questions and leaves them facing a unknown path.
Kindlecareer.com just fills in that gap. Post assessment, a career mentor is assigned to a student to align him/her to the career in entirerity. Just knowing the name of the career does not suffice. Or knowing which entrance and thereafter the course, is also insufficient. The student should know the career he or she is ultimately heading to. Except medical courses, where the role does not vary much, every other course has multiple roles and sectors to be considered. The mentoring, thus involves handholding the student through the entire path and exposes the career in totality. This motivates the student towards a much more precise career path and the results thereon are entirely based on the student’s love for work.
We believe in self motivated progress than an acquired one.