Career ambitions are kindled at a very early age. As early as 10 years. Fascination with what the children see, observe, experience, hear, in short what ever appeals their senses, KINDLE , career ambitions. This is the precise moment, period when they should be subjected to gentle, pressure free, knowledgeable career guidance. The right guidance by the right career adviser is crucial, as this forms the very basis of their ambition. Career counseling, but at a pace that the career toddlers can absorb, inculcate in their tender minds, also plays a role in shaping their intentions.
We therefore, call this career advising, counseling as a continuous program known as Career Mentoring. It is a long term solution, leading to a long term career plan, taking into account all parameters like a scientific assessment of the child’s natural potential, their natural interests and the method to infuse academic milestones in a phased and doable manner. Career Mentoring at an early age has its long term benefits. A career mentor, shapes the thought and ideology of a child towards a career, carefully chosen through scientific tools and combines it with a easy video session every month, and real life exposure of what the career actually entails.