Well, the hype and hoopla surrounding the results are certainly creating a situation where parents and students do feel that life could take a new turn once these results are out. The grading of students, their future begins from these results.
Good percentage, go to science. Somewhat midway, go to commerce and somebody who has disappointed all the way, their future is tied with arts.
Unfair, completely. The good and bad percentage concept and the subsequent slotting has successfully killed many a career ambition at the budding stage itself.
A career advisor can answer all your questions about what after 10th.
Online career counseling with expert career guidance is the answer to getting correct and apt answers to questions that both the students and parents might have about various careers.
There are umpteen choices apart from the traditional and classic careers. This exposure is not expected for parents to know as these are developments outside their area of interest or occupation. Whereas a professional career counselor is focused on assimilating and creating career paths with the most developed and marketable careers.
So instead of going for the traditional slotting of streams after 10th, go for an educated and professional advice from a career counseling organization like kindlecareer.com to arrive at the correct path of career choice.