It indeed is extremely pressurizing to take a decision for your entire life at a very young age, and choose a stream for yourself for a lifetime. Career planning appears intimidating because a wrong decision can make you regret forever.

Thoughts like “Must I continue with Science?” “Finally, I can get rid of Maths,” “How would commerce be?” keep the heads of youngsters clouded, and this doesn’t help in taking the right decision.

Career counselling can prove to be an extremely efficient way of arriving at the right decision. A counsellor may help you figure out your stream by taxonomically discussing what interests you most, and what you find difficult, and provide you options on the basis of your preferences. This does not just help you take the right decision; it also takes off the psychological weight off of your shoulders, not just in choosing a career after 10th, but also in taking a career decision after 12th.

The old method of marks received in 10th standard influencing the stream one gets is a talk of the past. Students wish to choose their steam not on the basis of what marks they get, but on the basis of their interests. Psychometric tests assess a person’s mental faculties and behavioural styles, this helps in analysing personality characteristics and cognitive capabilities of a person, and helps the career counsellors advise you the most suitable career option.

Career counselling is very important in the present context as there is a lack of the known jobs in the market, and newer fields, newer options are opening up. Choosing a career, at present, is not just about choosing a job for future, it’s about the lifestyle you would want, and the way you would want to contribute to the society. Choosing a career transcends the realm of job, and enters into socio-cultural as well as personal realms, because this decision influences all facets of one’s life. Online career counselling is a buzzing beaming arena and a very necessary platform to help people take the best and informed decision for their life.

To take a decision, you must figure out what you are good at and what interests you the most irrespective of what your friends and family wish for you to choose. You must have a list of your strengths and weaknesses, and this list will always guide you to the right path.